Transportation Design
BROV - Brothers Rescue & Observation Vehicles

The Brothers Rescue & Observation Vehicles are composed of a primary (Big Brother), and secondary unit (Little Brother), which would be deployed during, a natural or man made disaster for rescue operations that are located in extreme terrains. The main design focus for both Big & Little Brother is to have the ability to conquer any terrain set in their paths. Both BROV units contains all nessessities needed to act as rescue station until other  

Shoe Design

Nike NiteFly - Night Time Running Shoe

The Nike NiteFly Running shoe was designed for runners, with daily demanding schedules, which only leaves night time for excersize. The sole purpose of this night time running shoe is safety. Designed with 360 degrees of 3M high visibity indicators for traffic visibiliy, as well as an outter impact guard surrounding the Flyknit inner for unscene obstacles in umlit areas.

Lighting Design
Orbit - Desk Lamp

The Orbit desk lamp by GE has been desiged for those who suffer from

neurological neuropathy due to natural causes or a previous medical condition.

Its ergonomic design allows for every surface to act as a griping point. Its quad

armed form allows for any orientation to become right side up.  

Product Design

My Car Kit - Novice Automotive Tool Kit

My Car Kit by Makita, is an entry level, or novice, tool kit for new car enthusiasts, who are interested in self automotive repair. This kit helps users learn proper tool use and saftey, while helping them practice proper tool edict, such as organisation and preperation.